Benefits of shopping at Max & Lily's Closet

  1. Max & Lily's offers GENTLY USED and sometimes even NEW ITEMS at a fraction of the cost of buying new. This is especially important when shopping for children, as they outgrow clothes and gear quickly.                                      
  2. Shopping at Max & Lily's is a SUSTAINABLE option, as it gives new life to pre-owned items and helps to reduce waste.

  3. Max & Lily's carries a wide variety of HIGH-QUALITY, name-brand items at AFFORDABLE prices. This is especially helpful for parents looking for stylish and durable clothing for their children.

  4. Max & Lily's has a more CURATED selection than larger chain resale stores, which can make it easier to find UNIQUE and SPECIAL items for your child.

  5. Max & Lily's has a wide range of items including clothes, shoes, toys, books and other accessories which make it a ONE-STOP SHOP for all your kids needs.

  6. Shopping at Max & Lily's is a great way to SAVE MONEY without compromising on the quality of the items you purchase for your child.

  7. You are supporting a SMALL, LOCAL, WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS, and members of your community when you shop at Max & Lily's.