Consigning at Max & Lily's! ♻️

****Our apologies, but due to the owner having broken her ankle, we will NOT be ACCEPTING any new consignments at this time. We expect to resume accepting new items by appointment on 9/19. You can show your support by continuing to SHOP BY often, as we will continue RESTOCKING NEW ITEMS DAILY. Thank you for your understanding! 


CONSIGNING at Max & Lily's is as EASY as 1 2 3... 

    We are NOW accepting ALL SEASONS of consignments, all the time! 🎉 No need to pack away & store your items, just bring them to us any time of year and we'll date & tag them for a 2 month consignment period that begins when your items are most in demand! We are currently dating Spring items for 3/1/23 & Summer items for 6/1/23.  

    1. SORT your ITEMS at home. 

    We are VERY SELECTIVE about what we accept for sale in our store. Follow these TIPS to MAXimize the items we can accept for consignment!
    Carefully look over clothing & shoes in a well lit room and remove any that are not currently styled, have staining (even minor), pilling, wash wear, or other signs of wear. Freshly launder the carefully inspected items and place them neatly into a flat bottomed basket, bin, or other container. We do not accept clothing items from plastic bags. 
    All toys & games should be wiped down, have working batteries, be complete with all pieces counted, & ready for our sales floor.
    Infant gear should be inspected for defects, checked for recalls, and thoroughly cleaned before bringing in for consignment. This includes machine washing fabrics when possible, and spot cleaning when not.  Additionally, all hard surfaces must be wiped down and squeaky clean, including crevices. Be sure to include working batteries when required & any manuals or original packaging you may have.
    We also accept books, home decor, furniture, bedding, & more! Remember to carefully look over, clean, & prepare items as described above. When in doubt about an item you'd like to consign you can call us anytime at (860)920-5270 or (860)839-8239.


      2. BRING US your LIKE NEW items anytime during normal business hours, NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED! We can usually look through your items while you wait, but during busy times we may ask you to leave them and collect any no thank you's within a week. We can also DONATE any items we can not accept for sale in the store if you'd prefer to leave with empty bins. Please note, we NO LONGER ACCEPT consignments during announced sales. 


      3. That's it! All that's left for you to do is SPEND or COLLECT your 40-50% return! We price, tag, and place your items on the sales floor for a 2 month consignment period. As your items sell, the money accrues in your account to use in the store or cash out. We can also send PayPal & Zelle payments when requested. Money accrued in your account, never goes anywhere if you forget to check on it, but if you'd like any unsold items back, be sure to set yourself a reminder. We extend a 2 week grace period at the end of your consignment period during which we guarantee your items will be available to pick up. We will give you a list of what's left over but you will have to find & collect your items back off the sales floor, so be sure to give yourself some extra time. Items left beyond the 2 weeks grace period become store property and may be sold or donated without notice or compensation to the consignor.